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"How To Deploy AI to 10X Your Business"

DUBAI: Tuesday 19th November 2019

LONDON: Tuesday 3rd December 2019

This intensive one-day workshop is attended by CEOs, Directors & Investors from around the globe.

You’ll learn how to successfully deploy AI to grow your business by as much as 10X.

Gain step-by-step guidance, stories, case-studies and real-world experiences from genuine AI pioneers, business leaders and implementers. People who walk the talk!

Masterclass Directors

Calum Chace is the best-selling author of four books on AI, and a sought-after keynote speaker.

Daniel Hulme founded London’s largest private pure AI consultancy, whose 100+ people use innovative AI techniques to solve hard problems for multinationals around the world.

WHY Attend this MasterClass?

This Masterclass will show you HOW TO IMPLEMENT AI. How to deploy AI so you can aim to 10X your business

“With great power comes great responsibility!”

You already know that Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer… How well you implement AI could literally make or break your business. The stakes are so high that you must execute flawlessly.

So what should you, your business (and indeed your kids) do right away?

In the next 10 years, organisations which fail to embrace AI will shrink.
Many will disappear.

Embracing AI means understanding it. And appreciating what it can do for your organisation. AI is a large and complicated subject, beset by jargon and high costs.

Because it only became profitable at scale after the AI “Big Bang” in 2012, companies and industries are still learning how to deploy it the right way.

So HOW exactly can you place yourself at or near the “cutting-edge”?
Without finding yourself on the bleeding edge!

This intensive MasterClass is the answer. Presented by two world leaders in AI, the knowledge you gain will give you the confidence to talk about AI on equal terms with people inside and outside your organisation. So you can build your AI on solid ground.

This MasterClass will show you exactly how to deploy AI in order to 10X your business. Execution is everything.

This is your blueprint for future success…

  • Practical. Step-by-step.
  • Best practice case-studies, war-stories: warts ‘n all.
  • 100% focused on YOU (and your situation)
  • No sales pitches, guaranteed!
  • Interactive Workshop, very hands-on: “roll up your sleeves”
  • Dialogue, not monologue
  • No question is too silly

You will discover…

  • How to make money from AI
  • How to save money with AI
  • How to avoid inevitable Reputation Risks
    (Think Facebook-like $5billion+ FINES … and there’ll be more to come soon)
  • How to navigate the nasty minefields of Implementation
    (yes, the Devil's always in the detail...)
  • Where to find (and keep) the right AI talent…

Your Masterclass Schedule

09.30 – 10.30am | Session 1

Leadership in AI – Your Executive OverviewPresented by Calum Chase

  • Goals, structure and limits of the MasterClass
  • Introductions: What is intelligence?
  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • A brief history of AI
  • Good Old-Fashioned AI: expert systems
  • The Big Bang: ML, DL, supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement
  • Domingo’s six tribes
  • Algorithms: Random Forest, Support Vector Machines, Hidden Markov Chains etc
  • Case studies and stories you can apply to your very own situation

10.30 - 11.00am | AI Morning Networking Break

11:00 – 12:00pm | Session 2

AI - The State of the ArtPresented by Dr Daniel Hulme

  • Tech Giants Innovation: Face recognition, speech recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP), robotics
  • Mainstream business: Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Chatbots, Analytics
  • Operations Research and Optimisation
  • Designing adaptive organisations
  • Introducing the T-algorithm
  • Business planning and prioritization
  • AI tools
  • Platforms: AWS, Azure, etc. Libraries: TensorFlow, Caffee, etc
  • Case studies and stories you can apply to your own situation

12.00-1:30pm | AI Networking Lunch for Delegates & Guests

1.30 – 2.30pm | Session 3

AI - The future of AIPresented by Calum Chase

  • The short term: digital assistants and Autos
  • Exponentials – what they mean
  • AI ethics (privacy, transparency, etc) and AI safety (the two singularities)
  • Fourth industrial revolution?
  • Technological singularity
  • Economic singularity

2:30-3:00pm | AI Networking Break

3:00-4:00pm | Session 4

AI Strategy & ImplementationPresented by Dr Daniel Hulme

  • Ingredients for success
  • Setting goals
  • Structuring your AI team
  • Buy or build?
  • Managing your AI team
  • Metrics
  • AI case studies you can draw valuable lessons from

2:30-3:00pm | AI Networking Break

4:30-5:30pm | Session 5

AI – Driving AI Inside Your Business Co-presented by Calum Chase and Dr Daniel Hulme

  • We’ll explore the opportunities for three companies represented in the room
  • Your First 100 Days of AI Implementation - Action Plan Blueprint
  • Discussion, Synthesis and Wrap at around 6pm. With all your issues covered !


PWC forecasts AI will add US$16 trillion to Global GDP by 2030. China’s share could be $7 trillion alone. Here are a few examples…In China, AI systems are diagnosing childhood diseases with 85% accuracy, saving lives of sick children who simply cannot explain what hurts. There are also amazing stories in Fintech, Blockchain, self-driving cars, cashier-less stores, aged care and “digital cities” monitoring activity (i.e. traffic, crime, energy usage) all in real-time.

Yes, but is this really for you? 

The BIG promise is… you’ll walk in the door with a “vague idea” of what AI might look like. And just one day later, you’ll walk out with a REAL AI action-plan you can USE right away in your business or organisation.

Meet AI experts (and fellow attendees) you can trust to help solve tough problems. This MasterClass brings together both thinkers (and DOERS) in AI and machine learning. Plus people just like you: who need to know how to use AI to get the job done better.

What can you expect from the NEXT GENERATION of AI?

We will take you beyond theory to share ACTUAL experiences of people who are using AI to get powerful results. Real war-stories, actual case-studies you can relate to… You’ll hear what’s working best (and why) at places like IBM Watson, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and more…
Plus, you’ll hear the TRUTH about the “AI Titans of China” (is it fact or fantasy?)

How AI is reshaping the world…

  • Why is AI so Pervasive? Beyond the hype: what are the real limits of AI?
  • Foundational tech: history and growth trajectory of AI
  • Demystifying the black box - AI Jargon & Lingo explained
  • The 'right' definitions of AI/ML/DL/Algo etc.
  • Autonomous systems, neural networks, bio-authentication
  • AI Superpowers & Titans: China, Silicon Valley, New World Order?

AI for Customer Experience

  • AI for Customer Experience, Insights & Loyalty
  • Personalizing and customizing offers to clients
  • Predicting Customer Preferences: facial expressions & moods
  • AI for Building Deeper Client Relationships
  • Facial Recognition for Billing & Payments
  • Intelligent agents and Bots
  • AI for Automating Lead Generation and Closure

Client-Centric AI Case study, stories, examples

AI, Data Science & Analytics

  • Effective Data Capture and Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Analytics to extract value from huge datasets & the right data!
  • Natural Language Data Processing
  • AI data integrity and legacy systems
  • How to balance DATA Volume versus DATA Quality
  • Improving models using unstructured data
  • Making better decisions - Actionable Data

Data Science AI Case study, stories, examples

AI for efficiency & optimisation

  • Data Mining, route planning, collections
  • How to automate core business processes
  • How to increase efficiency and reduce friction
  • Optimising Asset Performance & Investment Decisions
  • Smart Scheduling using AI; Procurement

AI Efficiency Case study, stories, examples


  • Getting Humans and Machine to co-operate!
  • Diagnosing and curing diseases, decoding the brain
  • Predict Employee Performance
  • Simulating the Aging Mind and AI in Childcare
  • AI to accelerate creative thinking
  • How to ensure security and get internal/external buy-in

People in AI Case study, stories and examples

AI for safety, security, trust and risk management

  • Cybersecurity - defending attacks
  • Reducing Fraud; Big Data AUDITS
  • How to improve TRUST in business dealings
  • Reducing False Positives
  • Secure Big Data Storage; Risk reduction for investors

Security AI Case study, stories, examples

Applied examples – AI means business

  • Modelling, Business Intelligence and Due Diligence
  • Evidence Portals In Medicine
  • Identification of rare and undiagnosed disease
  • AI for Smarter Credit Decisions
  • AI to forecast industry sector growth
  • AI and 5G interface
  • Decentralised AI - Intersection of Blockchain and AI tech
  • How to spot future AI winning start-ups very early
  • How to solve AI implementation roadblocks
  • AI Troubleshooting guide – the devil’s in the detail
  • Executing AI while meeting keeping regulators sweet
  • GUIDE: How to pick the right tech partners and talent in AI


  • Gaining sharper Customer Insights through AI
  • Automating Key Processes.... to reduce costs
  • Using Natural Language Processing... to speed things up
  • Hype versus Substance – the truth via hard data and facts
  • Ethics and Future Scenarios for AI


Calum Chace‘The AI Whisperer/Strategist’

Calum Chace is the best-selling author of four books on AI, and a sought-after keynote. He’s a respected commentator on AI and its likely future impact on individuals, societies, and economies.

After 30 years of working with organizations such as the BBC, BP and KPMG during which he was a marketer, a strategist, and a CEO, he switched career gears to focus on one of his most intense interests: AI. Calum Chace writes both fiction and non-fiction books on the possibilities and problems of increase use and reliance upon machines that are capable to learn like humans. In his latest book published in 2017, “Artificial Intelligence and the Two Singularities”, Calum argues that through the course of this century, the exponential growth in the capability of AI is likely to bring about two ‘singularities,’ or points at which conditions are so extreme that the normal rules breakdown.

“Understanding AI – its promise and its dangers – is emerging as one of the great challenges of coming decades and this is an invaluable guide to anyone who’s interested, confused, excited or scared…”
Jaan Tallinn – co-founder of Skype

Dr Daniel Hulme‘The AI Implementer’

Dr Hulme founded London’s largest private pure AI consultancy, whose 100+ team of experts use innovative AI techniques to solve hard problems for multinationals around the world. His company provides a unique algorithmic technology professional services to solve industry-specific optimisation problems.

He is the Director of UCL’s Business Analytics MSc, applying AI to solve business, governmental and social problems. He is passionate about how technology can be used to govern organisations and bring positive social impact. Hulme’s work outlines a framework for understanding data-driven decision making. Dr Daniel Hulme has advisory and executive positions across companies and governments. He holds an international Kauffman Global Entrepreneur Scholarship and actively promotes purposeful decision making. He is a popular speaker for Google and TEDx, and is a faculty member of Singularity University.

“I could have listened to him all day. Daniel captivated the audience from the youngest new starter to seasoned veterans. He explained complex topics in an amusing and engaging way and really got us all thinking and talking…”
J. Chambers, Director of Innovation & Corporate Development, AEGIS

Bonus: “AI Thought-Leaders Guide”AI Knowledgebase… Your Keys to the Vault

  • Summary of Insights of the World's Foremost AI Thought Leaders
  • Valuable Resources on AI and Links to Books & Videos

Some of the AI Thought-Leaders featured in this guide include:

Judea Pearl – Don’t confuse Correlation with Cause. Author, “The Book of Why”
Andrew Ng, Stanford University, Formerly Chief Scientist at Baidu.

Raymond Kurzweil, AI Pioneer, Inventor & Futurist – Google
Demis Hassabis, British artificial intelligence researcher, neuroscientist, video game designer, entrepreneur, and world-class games player

Dr Eduardo Alonso, Learning Systems Algorithms
Nick Bostrum, Super Intelligent Systems. University of Oxford
Goeffery. E. Hinton, Machine Intelligence Expert, Google

Dr Kai Fu Lee, President & CEO – Sinovation Ventures ($2 billion AUM)
Former President of Google China. Early senior roles Microsoft, SGI and Apple
Author:AI Superpowers : China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order

Dr Mike Tamir, Chief ML Scientist & Head of Machine Learning/AI
Susquehannna International Group (SIG), Data Science Faculty, Berkeley

Ben Goertzel, Founder of SingularityNET – blockchain-based AI Marketplace
Yoshua Bengio, Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Lex Friedman, Research Scientist: Human-Centred AI, Self-Driving Cars at MIT
Dr Nathan Benaich, AI/Tech Investor at Air Street Capital, University of Cambridge

Plus, extra bonuses for Early-Birds..Here’s a bunch of EXTRA bonuses to drive your GROWTH NEEDLE faster...

BONUS #1: “How CEOs, Directors & Investors can Avoid Costly AI Disasters”
(This alone is worth 100X your investment of time. Avoid extreme reputational damage – think: Facebook’s $5 billion fine. Watch this space – there’s more to come)

BONUS #2: “How to Implement or Deploy AI – Your Special Playbook”
(To save money, make money, delight customers and protect reputation)

BONUS #3: “Your 7-Step AI Planning System”
(A step-by-step 100 Day Planner to keep you on-track)

BONUS #4: “How to USE Your AI Toolbox the right way”
(Learn which AI tools to use and when. In AI, timing is everything)

BONUS #5: “Real-Life AI Case Studies from the US, Europe, China”
“Use-cases” and stories you can apply right away, on a very practical level
Sift the hype and fluff from the actionable stuff.  eg: DeepMind (Live examples, war stories, hard-won secrets of AI pioneers) 

BONUS #6: “Your Powerful AI Expert Global Network: The AI Rolodex”
You’ll meet with innovators to explore exactly what you can do with AI
Share experiences. Gain new ideas. Learn what works best and why. Benefit from battle scars of others. Get answers you need now. Fix problems before they come up. Hire and retain the best AI talent.

BONUS WILDCARD #7: FREE Lifetime Certification & Qualification (C.A.I.M)
All successful alumni will become “CERTIFIED AI MASTERS” The CAIM certification is the gold standard of excellence recognised worldwide. Future employers (and clients) will know that you are now a formally-qualified expert practitioner in implementing AI. All this – on a practical, rather than theoretical level. This will give you the edge over others and turbo-charge your lifetime income possibilities!


Essential for Board Members, CEOs, Director and C-Level – especially CFO
CIO/CTO/CMO, Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Data Officers and
Heads of Human Capital/People. Directors of Risk, Compliance, Security.

Investors & Corporate Devt/M&A, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Hedge Funds. Limited Partners / Institutional Investors / Sovereign Wealth Funds / Family Offices

Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Business Intelligence, Quantitative Analysts

Business Directors, General Managers and Business Owners

Case studies of AI in your sector…These industries are being radically reshaped by AI.

If you work in (or with) these sectors, this workshop will be of EXTREME-relevance to you right away!

  • Banking, Credit, Finance, FinTech, Investment and RoboAdvisers
  • Healthcare, Pharma, Biotech
  • Energy - Smart Grid; Oil & Gas; Mining & Commodities, Water, Infrastructure
  • Education & Training; Sales & Digital Marketing
  • Transport/Traffic/Rail/Signal Processing
  • Legal & Contracts; Insurance: Collections, Claims
  • Real Estate; Airports & Aviation
  • Aged Care / Childcare
  • Retail and Manufacturing; Hospitality; Leisure & Tourism
  • National Security & Defence

So who else is coming?

This is a rare opportunity for you to meet, do business, gain ideas, find partners and get things done with peers in AI/machine learning… This MasterClass is the result of in-depth surveys spanning years with 5229+ C-Level executives worldwide…

CEOs, Directors, GMs & Investors from over 40 industries so far have APPLIED to attend the Summit across worldwide cities in 2019/2020. These include:

Google, Government of Singapore Investment Corp, ADIA, Intigral, SAP, Monsanto, KPMG, Alhilal Bank, Borouge, SEDCO, Oracle, HSBC, Origin Energy, Etisalat, Bank Fab, Sabadell Bank, PTTEP, Magrabi Retail, Knight Frank, South Energy, PWC, CAM Alternatives, Standard Bank, Novartis, Shuaa Capital, Bank of China, Daikin, UBS AG, Telia, ADNEC, Huawei, Asian Development Bank, Fidelity Bank, Global Investment, Skadden Arps, CIBC, Unibanco, Moody’s Analytics, Ministry of Planning, Energy Queensland, Dept. of Human Services, Habib Bank, Reserve Bank, Gulf Drug, Commonwealth Bank, Pathfinders, Smart Dubai, Commerzbank, InvestAD, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, Western Power, Macquarie Capital, GADG, Unipol Gruppo, SupraFin, Avantas Tech, Globe Telecom, Seacrest Capital, Medinext, Gulf Investment Bank, AI Venture Labs, South Energy, Twitter…

...And hope to see you there too!

Why Attend?

Join more than 500 CEOs and senior executives from 33 countries who have 
confirmed to be there.
It’s a great chance for you to meet, get ideas, do business and find partners.

Is this really for you?

You'll walk in the door with a "vague idea" of what AI might look like.
 And just one day later, you'll walk out with a REAL action-plan you can USE right away in business.

Meet AI experts you can trust

This Summit brings together the world's top minds in AI, machine learning and deep learning. Plus people just like you who need to know how to use AI to get the job done better.

You are safely protected by our 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: secure & risk-free

Download the World AI Summit Report(13 page PDF)

  • See new keynote speakers
  • See who else is coming
  • Exclusive stories & case studies
  • Read client reviews
  • Valuable bonuses, tips + secret extras

We arrange C-Level Summits on how to successfully deploy AI, Blockchain, FinTech, Data Science and Business Intelligence.

Our mission is simple: To show you exactly how to execute on strategy to drive 10X performance in your business.

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